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100% Cotton Mask

  100% Comfortable Cotton Mask

No one wants to wear a mask. There's no denying it. But You might as well make the best out of it and pick something cute that shows off your personality. You can sport a 100% cotton mask from the Atomic Girls Club and look on-trend in the new paradigm. The Atomic Girls Club offers a machine wash and air-dry 100% cotton mask in adult and children sizes. The metal flexible nose piece makes it a comfortable mask with an adjustable custom fit. We guarantee that our comfortable mask will even fit with hearing aids and glasses.

Plus, the opening in the mask accommodates additional filters if needed.

Even better? We have dozens of assorted colors and patterns. Our 100 percent Stylish Cotton Mask is cool and comfortable, woven with high-quality cotton fabric, and professionally hand-crafted in America. We produce our cotton mask in a COVID-19 and smoke-free environment. And they're individually packaged.

Cloth face coverings can reduce the spread of COVID-19 in public settings when you can't practice social distancing. We can reduce the spread with a 100% cotton mask, social distancing, handwashing frequently and thoroughly, and making sure to clean and disinfect surfaces. The protective mask that most of us need to wear doesn't have to be a surgical mask or a respirator like you see painters wear. The average person can wear a disposable protective mask or a comfortable mask of cloth. One adds more waste to our environment, and the other is reusable.

Considering that we have no idea how long this might last, a 100% cotton mask is the best bet for sustainability. Plus, you can get lots of cute options. Why not wear a comfortable mask that has some style, since we have to do this anyway?

You can mask up in style with a machine wash mask from Atomic Girls Club. Get yours.

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