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Cotton Mask

  Atomic Girls Club Stylish Cotton Mask

Let's face it—we should all be wearing a cotton mask right now. You can protect yourself and show that you care about others by wearing a cotton mask. There's no easier way to practice health consciousness during the COVID pandemic. If you combine social distancing, good hygiene, and wash and disinfect properly, then wear a cotton mask when you must go out, you know you're doing everything you can in this moment of crisis.

In fact, these are the only ways we know to protect yourself and others from infection effectively.

Now, no one wants to wear a mask. There's no denying it. But You might as well make the best out of it and pick something cute that shows off your personality. You can sport a stylish cotton mask even as an essential worker. Our Atomic Girls Club Stylish Cotton Mask selection is a favorite of pilots, mail carriers, delivery, customer service providers, as well as frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, and firefighter-paramedics. The Stylish Cotton Mask is a perfect way to minimize external contamination of their higher-efficiency N-95 masks.

The Atomic Girls Club offers machine wash and air-dry cotton on adult and children sizes, with a metal flexible nose piece for an adjustable custom fit. We guarantee a comfortable fit with hearing aids and glasses, and the opening in the mask accommodates additional filters if needed.

Even better? We have dozens of assorted colors and patterns. Our 100 percent Stylish Cotton Mask is cool and comfortable, woven with high-quality cotton fabric, and professionally hand-crafted in America. We produce our cotton mask in a COVID-19 and smoke-free environment. And they're individually packaged.

Go ahead and pick up a cotton mask today, and make sure to check back frequently for more options.

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